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Whether it’s moving into a new place, losing a key, or having a change in ownership— getting a lock rekeyed can be a good idea for those worried about who has access to their property. In these instances our first instinct is to change the locks completely, but there are often cheaper and more practical options out there. In situations like these, a good first step is to call a locksmith in order to discuss possible options for the specific needs of your security. BG Locksmith Services provides fully licensed, bonded, and certified locksmith services for all local residents in Bowling Green, KY. Our technicians have experience handling all types of residential and commerical lock and key situations, whether it’s changing a lock, rekeying, or even installing a new lock.

What is a Lock Change?

Changing a lock is exactly how it sounds. When a lock is changed, it means taking out the old or broken lock and replacing it with a new and separate piece of lock hardware. Lock changes are often needed for various reasons including:

  • Different Styled Locks

  • Replacing Broken Locks

  • Higher Security Needs

  • Upgrading To Electronic Locks

  • Changing Locks to Match Other Brands

Replacing Old Locks

There are few similarities between changing a lock and rekeying one, but the biggest is that a new key will be utilized in both situations. When a new lock is installed, everything in it will be different since the lock hardware itself will be different. Having a lock replaced is a painless process, but it can be more expensive than simply changing tumblers to match a new key in an existing lock.

There are many factors for deciding on which kind of lock to purchase for your home such as price, brand, security level, and lock style. BG Locksmith Services is capable of providing professional lock work since all of our technicians have the proper tools required to accurately and correctly change or rekey residential and commercial locks.

Much like residential locks, commercial locks can also be easily and affordably replaced for any business or office location. BG Locksmith Services offers skilled and informed technicians to come to the location of your business in order to remove old locks and replace them with newer locks more capable of fitting today’s increased security needs. Our technicians are available to help residents in Bowling Green, KY when it comes to installing new locks, whether it’s for increased security, an updated look, or any other reason.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying a lock is different than changing it completely because rekeying a lock will not replace the current lock, instead it only changes the key that operates it. Rekeying can be done by any of our highly trained locksmith technicians. Rekeying is done when a lock is removed from the door so the tumblers or pins can be changed to match a new key. Once everything is changed to the new key, the lock is installed back into the door. Locksmiths from BG Locksmith Services are capable of coming to residential and commercial business sites in Central Oregon to perform quick and affordable rekey locks services. Our locksmiths are capable of making that work with new locks work with existing locks and/or rekeying everything to something new and different entirely.

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When rekeying a lock, it is best to already have the key that currently operates the lock at hand, however, don’t panic if all working keys are lost. When a lock needs to be rekeyed but all keys are missing, calling a locksmith is a good idea. A locksmith will be able to arrive on site with extra keys and the ability to pick open the lock so that it may be rekeyed to new keys. In addition to providing you with a new set of keys, having your home or business rekeyed will also provide you with the peace of mind that no one else has access to your property as any other keys will no longer work in the lock. Although rekeying a lock can sometimes be more cost effective, having a lock replaced can sometimes be more beneficial depending on the security situation of the home or business.

Pros of rekeying a business or home:

When handled professionally it can be a quick and easy process.
It can at times be more affordable than replacing the lock.
Deters old tenants from entering your property

If your keys are lost, you can save yourself from purchasing new locks.
Prevent former employees from accessing your business.

Differences Between Lock Changes and Rekeying Locks

There are many differences between changing the locks on a home or business and having it rekeyed. The main difference between the two is that when you change a lock, you are changing your lock completely versus only changing the internal mechanisms of the lock itself. Changing a lock is great in situations where a lock is already damaged or you are worried about the integrity of your residential or commercial locks. When a lock is changed it can often be replaced with a newer and more secure lock style, this can offer increased protection against lock picking, key bumping, and forced entry attacks.

While rekeying can often be a most cost effective and quicker solution to keeping old tenants out, former employees, and ex partners out, it won’t fix a lock that is already damaged or malfunctioning. When rekeying a lock, the lock is uninstalled temporarily and taken apart to remove the old pins that are inside of the lock and in turn replaced with new pins specific to a new key, rendering the previous key unusable.

After the pins have been matched with the new key, the lock is then reinstalled and can no longer be unlocked using the old key. When rekeying, it is possible to get all the locks in your home or business rekeyed to the same key, as well as the option of having separate keys for separate individual locks.

BG Locksmith Services offers professional and dedicated lock technicians available to come to your home or business 24/7 for any locksmithing needs. Our licensed, bonded, and insured lock technicians are capable of rekeying locks, changing locks, replacing old locks, and installing new locks completely. Local residents in Bowling Green, KY can contact one of our friendly technicians for assistance or information on rekeying and lock change service for their residential or commercial properties. Our locksmiths have experience working on all name brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Emtek, Defiant, Yale, Arrow, and more!