Bowling Green Locksmith Home Security Tips

Recent reports indicate that residential burglaries are on the rise in Bowling Green, KY. Most burglaries are committed by young men and boys between the ages of 16-25 years old that are usually addicted to drugs.

The recent spike in residential burglaries is making Bowling Green, KY families nervous, wondering if their home will be the next home to be broken into. A local Bowling Green KY locksmith as stepped up to offer advice on what families can do to secure their homes.

Home Security Tips For Peace Of Mind:

1) The key to home security is installing high security locks.

Many of the locks installed on homes these days are purchased through the big box stores. Most people who replace locks buy locks that cost the least amount of money. But unfortunately the locks that cost the least amount of money provide the least amount of security because they are made with inferior components.

2) Install high quality grade 1 locks.

It is advised to look for residential door locks that are Grade 1. Most low end residential locks are Grade 3, made with the lowest quality materials and workmanship. Grade 1 locks only cost 20% more and are worth the extra cost. Think of it this way; security locks are purchased for protection of home and family. It’s worth every penny!

3) Always keep residential doors locked.

High security locks do no good if doors are not locked! Most importantly, lock exterior doors! High security locks do no good if exterior doors are not locked. As a
locksmith Bowling Green KY time-and-again this locksmith company gets calls from customers after a home break-in saying they forgot to lock their doors. And it’s not just doors. Be sure to lock all of the windows too because thieves always look for the path of least resistance when looking to break into a home.

4) Home security is peace of mind so take mind to properly secure a residential property.

And it’s not just about simply locking the doors. If a door has two locks, use both of them. If a part of the property is not lit at night install a motion light to cover that part of the property. If first floor windows on a home are easy to access then place roses in front of them. A home’s security is peace of mind so take mind to properly secure the home. Everything that a person does to secure a home increases the odds of preventing a home break-in.

From the tips above most people will see that securing a home is fairly easy and low cost, but you have to be proactive and take the appropriate measures to secure the property every day.

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